A level Geography Independent Investigation: a practical guide


Author: Andy Owen

Title information:
ISBN: 978-1-912190-06-5


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A practical step by step handbook to support each student as they prepare for, plan, execute their independent fieldwork investigation, and write up and submit their report.

The handbook carefully guides the student through the course of the investigation providing clear advice on:

  • formulating initial ideas for the investigation, conducting a literary review, considering suitable primary/secondary data sources and designing a successful plan

  • strengths and weaknesses of various sampling strategies and methods of data collection – of both quantitative and qualitative data

  • selecting appropriate methods of data presentation and analysis, including advice on how to code interviews and choose suitable statistical tests that match the data that the student has collected

  • writing up the final report, including advice on structuring the report, writing analytically, providing effective evaluation, reaching evidenced conclusions, and creating accurate references.

An A level geography investigation presents the student with a potentially confusing variety of options and decisions. This handbook provides a clear pathway through the decision-making process as well as providing clear descriptions of all of the most useful optional components that a student may need to include in their own investigation. It does this by providing:

  • practical examples of how to investigate geographical concepts, processes, and issues through fieldwork in a variety of human and physical contexts

  • strengths and limitations of key fieldwork techniques including the potential role of pilot surveys, control experiments, and various sampling strategies

  • tips on what the mark scheme requires, how to avoid common pitfalls, and advice on how to maximise marks

  • presentational options including different types of charts, graphs, and maps

  • an extensive glossary of key terms used in fieldwork.


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