Insight learning –
equipping students for their lightbulb moments

There’s a thrilling moment in teaching when students suddenly ‘get it’.
This sudden flash of inspiration is ‘insight learning’.

It was a concept developed by Wolfgang Kohler in the 1920s. It is the moment when someone recognizes a relationship between concepts and becomes equipped to solve new problems in the future.

Equipping you with the resources you need to give your students insight learning moments of their own is the thinking behind each resource published by Insight & Perspective.


Our resources engage students and give them insight into:

  • the subject

  • key concepts

  • skills and techniques and how to apply them

  • how to excel in the subject and relevant assessments

The resources are developed by experienced practitioners, thinkers, and researchers to give students a clear perspective. Each book:

  • has a clarity of language, structure, and design

  • explains key concepts and models and what they mean and when and how to use them

  • introduces and explains quantitative techniques in a way that is meaningful and clear to teach, learn, and apply

  • provides relevant context and examples

About Insight & Perspective

Insight & Perspective is an independent publisher that was founded in 2017. Our remit is to publish resources for specifications and elements of specifications where traditionally you struggle to find the materials you need.

Every resource is developed by a subject expert and, where appropriate, endorsed or approved by the relevant exam body.
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Our founder and Managing Director is Linden Harris.
Linden has spent her career in publishing with experience in the UK and internationally.
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