Sale & Returns

Book returns policy

Books should be returned within 28 days of the date of purchase in mint condition and securely wrapped. You are liable for postage costs incurred in returning the items. Please enclose a copy of the invoice relating to the book purchase that you received by email. Please contact us prior to any returns.

Returns and order cancellations

You have the right to cancel your order within seven working days of the receipt of the goods. This cancellation must be notified to Insight & Perspective Ltd in writing or by e-mailing

If you cancel the order within seven days of the receipt of the goods you should return the goods to Insight & Perspective Ltd at your expense within 30 days. Please include the original invoice that was issued.


Insight & Perspective Ltd

c/o NBNi

It is recommended that goods are returned in the original packaging or similar. A full refund (not including your return postage of the goods which must be paid by you) will be issued within 30 days if the goods are received in resaleable condition. If the goods are not received in resaleable condition, Insight & Perspective Ltd reserves its right to deduct an appropriate amount from the refund for any resulting loss in value.

Product prices and descriptions

Every effort is made to ensure that information on our website is accurate however this cannot be guaranteed. Prices displayed and product availability may change without prior notice. Great care is taken to ensure that product descriptions and specifications are correct. However, we reserve the right to make any changes, technical or otherwise, to product specifications at any time.