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Author: Andy Owen

Title information:
ISBN 978-1-912190-05-8


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Fieldwork and geographical skills are core elements of OCR Geography specifications and assessments. This textbook has been endorsed by OCR and has been designed to support teachers and students of OCR GCSE (9-1) Geography A Geographical Themes (J383) and OCR GCSE (9-1) Geography B Geography for Enquiring Minds (J384) throughout the fieldwork process.

This textbook enables students to become active participants at each of the six stages of the enquiry process. It provides:

  • examples of how fieldwork may be used to investigate physical geography and human geography in a variety of unfamiliar contexts

  • strengths and limitations of fieldwork methods and presentation techniques

  • advice on how to draw charts, graphs, and maps

  • step-by-step guides to numeracy techniques and text analysis

  • ideas to help students consolidate their learning and prepare for the examination of fieldwork

  • a glossary of key fieldwork terms


This book is endorsed by


Field Studies Council, FSC, is an environmental education charity providing informative and enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, and understand the environment.

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Table of Contents

Imprint and acknowledgements

Why do geographers do fieldwork?

How to use this book

Part 01 The enquiry process

Chapter 1 Creating an aim for fieldwork

Chapter 2 How is evidence collected?

Chapter 3 Processing and presenting evidence

Chapter 4 How can evidence be analysed?

Chapter 5 Conclusion

Chapter 6 Evaluation

Part 02 Fieldwork in human environments

Chapter 7 Investigating changing places

Chapter 8 Investigating sustainable places

Part 03 Fieldwork in physical environments

Chapter 9 Investigating coastal environments

Chapter 10 Investigating river environments

Part 04 Preparing for your fieldwork assessment

Chapter 11 Getting ready for the exam