Environmental Science for AQA AS/A level

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Author: Richard Genn

Title information:
ISBN 978-9112190-07-2


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Environmental Science for AQA A level is the only book approved by AQA for AQA Environmental Science A level specification (7447) and AS level specification (7446).

Planet Earth is the only planet we can all live on so we must look after it. If we are to manage it well, we must:

  • study Earth to see how it works;

  • understand how we rely on environmental resources and services for our survival;

  • understand that human actions are reducing the ability of Earth to support us and the other species with which we share the planet;

  • develop sustainable lifestyles.

To achieve this we must study how the Earth and human society interact to gain a better understanding on which we can make better decisions. Environmental Science A level and this book aims to do just this.

This book provides a thorough introduction to Environmental Science and detailed coverage of the AQA A level specification (7446). It:

  • provides clear explanations of key concepts and scientific processes and insights into environmental events and cycles;

  • describes environmental resources and services, our reliance, exploitation and impact on these, and discusses how the environment is affected by human activities;

  • explains and assesses the strategies that individuals, business, industry, governments, and other organizations can implement to manage, minimise and reverse the impact of human actions;

  • supports students in their study of Environmental Science, helping to enhance their understanding and skills to succeed in their AS and A level examinations.


This book is approved by https://www.aqa.org.uk/


Table of contents

Chapter 1 The conditions for life on Earth
Chapter 2 Conservation of biodiversity
Chapter 3 Life processes in the biosphere
Chapter 4 The Atmosphere
Chapter 5 The Hydrosphere
Chapter 6 The Lithosphere
Chapter 7 Biogeochemical cycles
Chapter 8 Soil
Chapter 9 Energy Resources
Chapter 10 Pollution
Chapter 11 Agriculture
Chapter 12 Aquatic food resources
Chapter 13 Forest resources
Chapter 14 Sustainability
Chapter 15 Research methods


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